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Vacuum/Dust Extractor

Guardair Corporation, a manufacturer of pneumatic tools and accessories for industrial cleaning and maintenance has introduced the GUARDAIR PulseAir Line.

Powered by compressed air, PulseAir Vacuums/Dust Extractors are powerful industrial vacuums incorporating a proprietary, button-activated system engineered to clean the vacuum filter without opening the unit. On demand, a burst of compressed air is injected into the interior of the filter mounted underneath the vacuum lid. Dust particles clogging the outer filter surface are dislodged and settle within the closed container.

"Clogged filters dramatically lower vacuum performance" explained Nick Gorra, Guardair Product Marketing Manager. "PulseAir technology also extends filter lifespan, allows uninterrupted vacuum operation, and minimizes operator exposure to dusty filters. Coupled with HEPA filtration, PulseAir enables end-users to meet OSHA Silica Dust Regulation 29 CFR 1926.1153.

"Dependable and trouble-free with no motor to spark or burn out, PulseAir units generate exceptional vacuum lift and flow while operating quietly and efficiently. PulseAir Vacuums are ideal for general industrial housekeeping applications with high dust content, while PulseAir Dust Extractors are designed for source capture power tools."

PulseAir Vacuums are available with 55-, 30- and 20-gallon containers; PulseAir Dust Extractors with 30- and 20-gallon containers. All models feature HEPA cartridge filters and static conductive components to eliminate nuisance shocks.

For more information contact:

Nick Gorra, Product Marketing Manager

Guardair Corporation

47 Veterans Drive

Chicopee, MA 01022-1062


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