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DRO Enhances Reliability and Performance of Linear Encoders

Newall Measurement Systems, Ltd. was founded in 1968 in Peterborough, United Kingdom. Since that time, Newall has provided the machine tool and other machinery and production industries with technologies that increase productivity and machine tool efficiency. Newall is a brand of Sensata Technologies, a supplier of sensing, electrical protection, control and power management solutions with operations and business centers in 16 countries.

The need for a reliable and highly accurate linear encoder led Newall, in 1973, to develop its Spherosyn linear encoder. Spherosyn's unique design protects all the electrical or measuring components from harsh workshop environments, allowing the encoder to operate under tough environmental conditions.

"Spherosyn's linear encoder reliability is primarily due to the scale design, a stainless steel tube containing ball bearings. The reader head, sliding over the tube, creates an electronic signal which passes through the ball bearings inside the tube. The signal variations created by the ball bearings are sensed by the receiving electronics in the reader head," said a company spokesperson.

Newall has introduced a new DRO system, NMS800. The NMS800 DRO system offers not only a new design of the digital readout display, but also a completely new design of the reader head electronics. "The design of the new Spherosyn and Microsyn Serial linear encoders included in the NMS800 system utilizes the most current digital electronic components, further enhancing the reliability and performance of the Spherosyn and Microsyn linear encoders," said the spokesperson.

The NMS800 display has a PMVA LCD display with a wide viewing angle. A clear, easy-to-understand message display at the bottom of the screen assists operators in utilizing the advanced features of the NMS800, such as pocket/island milling, cutter compensation, arc contouring and tool length compensation. Definable function keys make accessing the most often used features simple. The NMS800 software is upgradable via USB port.

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