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June 2023

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Alderman andamp; Company Announces Mandamp;A Transaction
Event Showcases the Power of Collaborative Robotics
Alro Steel Celebrates 75 Years
Preventive Service Offerings Now Include Thermal Imaging
Beckwood to Build 1500-Ton Hydraulic Stamping Press for Hendrickson USA
Bison Gear Sees Production Gains with Robotic Automation
Concept Wins 2023 BOLD Award from ACGMN
Agreement Brings Real-Time Factory Analytics to Industrial Manufacturers
FABTECH Announces New Event Dates Locations for 2024 2026
FFG Americas Signs Distributor Partnership with Greenway andamp; Associates
Commercial Metal Jet Solution
Hurco Midwest Distributors Recognized for Achievements
Hurco Northeast Distributors Recognized for Achievements
Hurco Southeast Distributors Recognized for Achievements
Hurco Southwest Distributors Recognized for Achievements
Hurco West Distributors Recognized for Achievements
In-Place Machining Company Acquires Western Machine Works LLC
Single System Measures Roundness Cylindricity Surface Finish Lead Angle
Wide-Area CMM Helps Machine Shop Diversify into Aerospace Market
Kurt Manufacturing Acquires Bellatex Industries
Leeco Steel Adds Processing Equipment to Portage IN Distribution Center
LIFT Partners with Aluminum Extruders Council
Metal 3D Printing System to Simplify Toolmaking
Philadelphia High School Establishes Advanced Manufacturing Program
Big HMC Brings Work In-House for Tooling Manufacturer
Methods Machine Tools Yasda Renew Strategic Partnership
Manufacturing Recruitment for the Next Generation of Factory Workers
Large Beam Profiler for Large and Divergent Beams
Linear Position Detector Series for Compact Machines
Robot Cameras for Hobbing and Broaching Machines
Innovation with the Additive Advantage
Okuma Corporation Celebrates 125-Year Anniversary
Industry 4.0-Enabled Cobot Cell for Real-World Learning
PDS Signs Spindle Diagnostics Repair Agreement with Patrick Industries
Rockford Systems Donates to Slippery Rock University
Beam Couplings for Robotics
Siemens Creates New Vertical Market Dedicated to Intralogistics in the U.S.
Sintavia to Develop AM Facility for the US Navy
Solar Atmospheres South Carolina Facility Awarded Northrop Grumman Approval
New Bumotec Machine Picks Through the Bones of Complex Manufacturing
Techniks Tool Group Merges with Eppinger Group
Trelleborg Facilities Gain IATF Certification in the US
TRUMPF Breaks Ground on Smart Factory
Verisurf Software and WENZEL America Announce OEM Reseller Agreement
Carbide Milling Cutters for Machining Steel
Vertical Toolroom Mill Installed at Weld Systems Integrators
3D Printers with Open Platform Fast Cycle Sintering
First of Eight Powder Bed Fusion Machines Deployed
Overload Safety Devices for Corrosive and Washdown Applications
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Metal 3D Printing System to Simplify Toolmaking

Mantle P-200 and F-200 furnaces are now commercially available.

Fathom Manufacturing cavity and core inserts as printed with Mantle?s TrueShape metal 3D printing technology. (l-r) Cavity and core inserts after Fathom finished the printed inserts and assembled them in a modular mold system (right).

(l-r) Mantle printed insert for Tessy Plastics and molded part.

Mantle announced the availability of its metal 3D printing technology for toolmaking.

"The system simplifies the way mold tool components are made and accelerates how manufacturers making molded parts-a $265 billion market-go from product idea to launch," said a company spokesperson. "Mantle's technology reduces the time to create tooling components by eliminating or reducing many operations traditionally required to make precise, durable steel tool components."

Westminster Tool, a precision mold builder in Plainfield, Connecticut, recently installed a beta system and is integrating it into its moldmaking operations. "Mantle far surpasses any additive metal technology that we have seen previously," said Ray Coombs, President and founder of Westminster Tool. "The precision and quality we get from the printer allow us to bypass many of our internal manufacturing processes, which gives us an advantage in providing a better, faster product for our customers."

Mantle's solution is designed for ease of installation and use. "There is a massive skills gap in the injection moldmaking industry," said Hillary Thomas, Westminster Tool Vice President. "Mantle's technology is so intuitive that, with minimal training, we can have someone quickly operating and running this machine. Mantle will help Westminster Tool change how we do business."

Mantle's system and patented TrueShape technology include:

  • The P-200 printer, a hybrid system built on a CNC platform that integrates printing and machining to produce parts with the accuracy and surface finish required for tooling. The P-200 printer has a build volume of 200 mm x 200 mm x 150 mm.
  • The F-200 furnace, which sinters parts from the printer and produces tooling components that are durable and accurate. One furnace can sinter multiple parts and can support multiple printers.
  • Two tool steel materials, H13 and P2X (a steel comparable to P20), that are durable, stable and perform like traditional tool steels with secondary operations like machining, polishing, coating and laser welding.
  • Easy-to-use software that automates the printing process, including the generation of all toolpaths and machine instructions.

The company also announced several examples of recent customer successes:

  • Fathom Manufacturing, one of North America's largest on-demand digital manufacturing platforms, reduced its toolmaking time by 45% with components made by Mantle's technology. Fathom reduced its toolmaking operations from 200 hours to 110 hours by eliminating or reducing multiple operations, including CNC milling, EDM and polishing.
  • Tessy Plastics, a contract manufacturer specializing in injection molding and custom automated assembly solutions, surpassed 1.25 million cycles on a production mold built with Mantle components. The mold contains Mantle H13 and P2X tool steel components and demonstrates the durability of Mantle's steels in a demanding production environment. Tessy Plastics also realized a time savings of 60%, from 150 hours to 60 hours.

Nicolet Plastics, a full-service custom plastic injection molding company with three facilities in Wisconsin, will be installing one of Mantle's first production systems. "As an injection molder, adding Mantle technology allows us to bring additional tool production in-house and increase the complexity of the tools and inserts we manufacture. We will significantly reduce the time it takes to produce production-quality tools and be able to start production in weeks versus months," stated Tony Cavalco, Nicolet Plastics CEO. "Our tool designers and project managers will utilize the Mantle system for projects involving high-volume part manufacturing. Mantle technology will allow us to design conformal cooling channels to reduce molding cycle time and ensure the highest quality products for our customers."

For more information contact:

Mantle Inc.

1950 Cesar Chavez St.

San Francisco, CA 94124


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