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Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Nidec Machine Tool America offers the P series (PD23/PD32) grinding machines that are designed for mass production, high accuracy and advanced operability.

The machines are equipped with a high-rigidity ball bearing wheel spindle and offers high thermal and dimensional stability. Optionally available is a static/dynamic pressure hybrid bearing with low heat generation and increased vibration absorption.

To help prevent thermal deformation, hydraulic, lubricating and coolant tanks are isolated from the machine main body. Immediately after start-up of the machine, the coolant flows continuously through the bed, preventing variation in grinding accuracy.

The high-rigidity bed was designed by applying structure analysis by using Finite Element Method (FEM) to enable stable machining for high-speed, heavy-duty grinding.

Designed for easy operation, the series features optimized input screens that allow easy access to automatic settings. The color programming screen shows various grinding and dressing patterns graphically, facilitating definition of workpiece shape. Input operations use a conversational method, allowing data edition with minimum key strokes. Direct input of dimensions shown on a drawing makes the operation easy.

The fixed-table design permits a narrow machine, facilitating automation and incorporation into a production line. Various autoloaders and robots are optionally available to meet specific needs.

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