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Enhanced PCD Tool Reconditioning Services

Star Cutter has added a Lasertec precision laser cutting machine to its Tool Reconditioning Center. This machine enhances its ability to quickly restore PCD tools to their original condition, helping lower the cost of ownership over the life of the tool for its customers.

"The Lasertec can handle highly complex tools, offering very fine cutting and the ability to address a smaller inside radius and sharper cutting edge on the PCD than EDM technology," said a company spokesperson. The laser machine also offers high repeatability and reproducibility with a positioning accuracy of ≤ 0.2032 µ. Additionally, there is less handling of the tool that has chip breakers, as the lasered chip breakers can be machined in the same step and position as when the cutting edge is made, eliminating the need for a second clamping operation.

Star Cutter provides reconditioning for its own PCD products-3D printed tools, circular mills, interpolating tools, facemills, combination tools, reamers and drills, as well as other manufacturer's tools. The reconditioning center is equipped to repair these products to their original conditions.

Star Cutter tools are sold through Star SU.

For more information contact:

Star SU, LLC Sales & Service

5200 Prairie Stone Parkway, Suite 100

Hoffman Estates, IL 60192


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