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Automated Surface Prep Cell

To meet ongoing demand for increased efficiency and standardization for surface bonding pretreatment solutions, KUKA Robotics offers its ready2_activate surface preparation cell application with System Partner Plasmatreat. The ready2_activate application was specifically developed by KUKA to be used with all standardized pretreatment using Openair-Plasma technology.

With the ready2_activate application and utilizing a KR AGILUS robot and modular platform, the Plasmatreat Openair-Plasma jet technology performs high-precision cleaning by activating or nanocoating material surfaces. "Many materials, such as plastics and polymers, do not bond easily with certain types of printing or coating unless their glossy textures are pretreated," said a spokesperson. "Plasmatreat's process prepares surfaces for gluing, printing or lacquering without generating any chemical waste." The KUKA robotic motion sequence and plasma process are controlled by processors in close communication for easy integration into a production line or process.

The KR AGILUS robot is a precise, high-speed 6-axis robot that comes in a variety of variants, including extreme environments, for virtually any application requiring short cycle times, continuous repeatability and high production.

"This new system integration platform with KUKA robots provides simple, standardized automated solution to incorporate plasma surface treatment into a variety of production processes that require surface pretreatment," said the spokesperson.

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