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Prevent Unplanned Downtime with Enclosure Climate Control Inspections

Rittal's Climate Inspection provides an accurate assessment of climate inventory and health. Photo Source: Rittal North America.

Rittal North America, a global manufacturer of industrial and IT enclosures, conducts climate inspections in manufacturing facilities. The climate inspections are designed to evaluate the efficiency and operability of all enclosure cooling units that keep vital equipment performing at its best.

"Many facilities experience unplanned downtime caused by electronic equipment failure," said a Rittal spokesperson. "What many plant equipment users do not recognize is that failing cooling solutions cause 80% of equipment failures. Most facilities underestimate the number of cooling units in their facility, causing an inaccurate picture of climate control efficiency and operability. Having a complete inventory of the cooling units and their health helps to develop a proactive maintenance plan and keep operations fully functional," said the spokesperson.

Rittal Climate Inspections Provide:

  • Full inventory, condition and energy efficiency report of all cooling units
  • Proactive maintenance plan consultation
  • Solutions to reduce costs, energy usage and decrease carbon footprint.

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Rittal North America, LLC is a global manufacturer and system solutions provider of industrial and IT enclosures, racks and accessories, including cooling solutions and power management systems for industrial, data center, outdoor and hybrid applications.

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