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New Cleanroom Rated Static Eliminator

EXAIR's new Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle is the latest solution for static elimination in sensitive processes. Like the Intellistat Ion Air Gun, this new Nozzle provides a lightweight solution rated Class 5 for clean rooms and controlled environments per ISO 14644-1. The Ion Air Nozzle comes equipped with a mounting bracket to assist with remote mounting or benchtop assembly for hands-free use. It will reduce 1000 volts to less than 100 in 0.6 seconds and up to 24" away. The Intellistat Ion Air Nozzle is a comprehensive solution for neutralizing static in sensitive processes like scientific and electronic testing, cleaning medical or pharmaceutical products and packaging, or removing debris from sensitive electronics.

The compact stainless steel adjustable bracket and can be installed into a customer's process. Operations requiring both hands to package, test or assemble parts now remain static free. The nozzle is equipped with an LED indicator to assure proper functionality while employing EXAIR-engineered air nozzles to maximize efficiency and meet OSHA requirements for sound level and dead-end pressure. Made from durable static dissipative polycarbonate and featuring a non-marring nozzle, the Intellistat assures its usefulness in applications such as PCB or electronics manufacturing.

The EXAIR line of Intellistat products are UL listed and CE compliant along with the rest of EXAIR's full line of static eliminators.

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