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Charging Contact Solution for the AMR, AGC, AGV Markets

Conductix-Wampfler, a global manufacturer of mobile electrification and data transfer systems for industrial machinery, offers its Nano+ charging contact solution. The compact product is designed to maximize available workspace and help automated robot owners and operators increase efficiency.

"Across manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, robotic, shuttle and amusement park applications, automation is the new industry standard," stated Panos Gamvroudis, Product Manager at Conductix-Wampfler. "A core component of this automation is having the right charging infrastructure in place. At Conductix, we are uniquely positioned to solve these charging challenges because we offer all the energy and data transfer technology components under one roof. We have the technical knowledge, consultative approach and product range to keep businesses moving."

Nano+ features include:

  • Three distinct pre-determined amperage settings (25A, 50A and 75A ampacities)
  • Full copper chamfered edge to minimize wear and tear
  • Internal shunt design that facilitates seamless customer installation
  • Extended lifespan rated for up to one million cycles
  • UL583 recognized component
  • Mounting applications for floor, wall, side or bottom.

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