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Pencil Grinder and Engraving Pen

Industrial manufacturing, maintenance, and metalworking facilities of all sizes can leave a legible mark and precisely clean tools with the Ingersoll Rand 320PG Pencil Grinder and 140EP Engraving Pen. Both tools combine comfortable ergonomic design, long-lasting quality performance and affordability, the company said.

"Engraving pens and pencil grinders are known to be uncomfortable to work with. We designed the Ingersoll Rand 140EP Engraving Pen and 320PG Pencil Grinder with narrow bodies that feel more like writing pens, which makes them more comfortable to grip and easier to manipulate for detailed work," said Jennifer Travis, Surface Preparation and Construction Tools and Accessories, Ingersoll Rand.

The 320PG Pencil Grinder allows users to complete more tasks with one single pneumatic tool. Use it for precision grinding in small spaces, final cleaning, polishing dies and flash removal applications. This tiny tool is compatible with carbide burrs and mounted points.

A slip resistant, custom thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) grip helps technicians work precisely for extended periods of time. Team members can focus on the task at hand due to the grinder?s low vibration and noise level. An oversized speed control knob enhances comfort and safety, while the price point makes it easy to squeeze into the tightest budgets.

Other features include:

  • Maximum free speed of 56,000 BPM
  • A compact design that measures 5.5? and weighs approximately 8 oz.
  • Available as a single tool or in a kit that includes the tool, five assorted mounted points and five assorted carbide burrs in a hard case.

The pneumatic 140EP Engraving Pen is easy on the hands, with a slender, ergonomic shape and soft rubber grip designed for long periods of use. Designed with durability in mind, the 140EP pen legibly engraves hard surfaces, from alloys to brittle ceramics, with ease and accuracy, the company reported. Features include:

  • 11,400 blows per minute (BPM).
  • A slide throttle and piston impact mechanism for lasting indentations
  • A slender design that measures 5.5? and weighs less than 8 oz.

The 8315 pen is available or delicate jobs that require a lighter indentation, while the EP50 offers more power for deep engraving on hardened steel with the best writability.

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