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Updates on the ProtoTRAK RX Control

TRAK Machine Tools (formerly known as Southwestern Industries, Inc.) has been making the ProtoTRAK brand of CNCs since 1988. "It has become the favorite of machinists who work in small quantity production throughout the world," said a ProtoTRAK spokesperson.

The newest model, the ProtoTRAK RX series, has brought the ProtoTRAK line up to date in terms of underlying computer hardware, and introduced many refinements and innovations, including:

  • Touchscreen
  • On-board user instructions including video
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Enhanced features informed by decades of user feedback
  • Powerful Tool Libraries
  • Defaults that enable fine tuning of programs to machinists' preferences.

"It was the most successful launch of a new ProtoTRAK ever, but TRAK Machine Tools did not stop there," said the spokesperson. "Since its introduction, we have continued to build on this powerful platform by adding:

  • Pictures and Notes to aid operator setups
  • Profiles that enable users to save favorite default settings for feeds and speeds and other program parameters
  • Expansion of supported G-codes
  • Islands programming in the DXF and Parasolid converters
  • Expanded Engraving options
  • Added Drilling to the Helical event
  • Added Spiral entry to circular pocket events
  • Expanded file type support in Program In/Out
  • Added a Clear Off event
  • Added to the converter library to enable easy conversion from ProtoTRAK to SINUMERIK ONE CNCs.
  • Improved Tool Table search and sort."

The additions are not limited to software features. The ProtoTRAK line of RX Control-supported machines has expanded to include TRAK's Tool Room Machining Center (TMC) line, its big lathe the 30120RX and a new powerful small footprint mill called the VMC2.

In support of new models of machines, the ProtoTRAK also now has:

  • 12k RPM spindle programming
  • Coolant Through Spindle control
  • Expanded 4th axis programming options.

"ProtoTRAK remains one of the most popular CNCs in the world because it is easy to use," said the spokesperson. "The powerful features now available in the RLX (for turning) and the RMX (for milling) are easy to use within the conversational, geometry-based programming systems that machinists have loved for over 35 years."

For more information contact:

TRAK Machine Tools

2615 Homestead Place

Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

800-421-6875 / 310-608-4422

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