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Metal Rotary Scale for ATOM DX Encoders

Renishaw has launched a metal scale disc for its ATOM DX encoder series: the CENTRUM CSF40 scale. After intensive research and development at Renishaw, rotary RCDM glass scales are now joined by CENTRUM stainless steel self-centering discs. CENTRUM CSF40 scale discs are quick and easy to install due to their mounting features that automatically center the scale when pushed onto an appropriately sized shaft. These alignment features enable fast installation with highly consistent installed accuracy, the company reported.

"CENTRUM scale discs are substantially quicker and easier to install due to the specially designed flexures that act like springs to align the disc to the shaft," said a company spokesperson. "Mounting of the CENTRUM disc is completed by the addition of three bolts, tightened to pre-set torque values, with no additional gauges or set-up devices required. CENTRUM discs are made from robust stainless steel, which is resilient and easy to clean."

With 40-micron pitch incremental graduations, CSF40 discs are available in a range of sizes with external diameters from 38.4 mm to 120 mm. An ATOM encoder variant compatible with CENTRUM scale discs is also planned.

"Our new stainless-steel disc scale, CENTRUM CSF40, incorporates three pairs of optimized alignment flexures to enhance the speed and ease of rotary encoder scale installation," said Ben Carruthers-Watt, Senior Design Engineer for CENTRUM. "The self-aligning feature eliminates the need for manual alignment of the encoder disc. This significantly minimizes installation time and simplifies the assembly process."

Carruthers-Watt continued, "The disc design is optimized to provide the best performance in the smallest possible package, which combines with the ATOM DX readhead to provide a compact encoder system. In this first offering, we have incorporated mounting holes so the disc can be bolted directly onto the machine shaft, avoiding a time-consuming gluing and curing process. We have near-term plans to expand the CENTRUM range to include other mounting options, such as adhesive or a mechanical clamp, which will provide even more flexibility to meet the design needs of our customers."

Renishaw CENTRUM CSF40 encoder scales are manufactured in-house using strict quality-controlled processes that are certified to ISO 9001:2015.

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