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A Manufacturer's Guide to Machine Connectivity

MachineMetrics offers an eBook titled "."

"Modern manufacturing equipment produces thousands of data points every millisecond, all of which tell a story of what happened, what is happening and what is going to happen next," said a company spokesperson. "However, most manufacturers are unable to capture and analyze this equipment data to drive business decisions because, until recently, it has been far too difficult to do so. This lack of data often leads to massive inefficiencies that affect every component of a company's operations, including an inability to drive process improvements, justify capital expenditures and identify unexpected machine failures."

According to MachineMetrics, manufacturers need simple, scalable, interoperable connectivity and data collection solutions to optimize and automate their operations. "There has been a gap in the market for solutions that can effectively serve this need, not to mention the lack of practical knowledge available to help manufacturers better understand this topic," said the spokesperson.

The eBook covers the following topics:

  • The challenges manufacturers face when attempting to connect OT assets
  • The main components involved with machine connectivity (manufacturing equipment, industrial protocols, IoT hardware and data standardization)
  • How to select a solution that offers simple, scalable, interoperable connectivity and autonomous data collection and standardization.

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