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Large Precision Machine Series

Nidec Machine Tool Corporation offers the MVR-Fx series that is designed for die and mold machining.

The MVR-Fx series structure is engineered to remove heat vibration and misregistration. Features include:

  • High rigidity large crossrail features a wide cross-section to prevent deformation by saddle movement.
  • Rigid double column without overhang to remove vibration during machining.
  • Three rows of linear guides. An additional linear guide is placed in the center section of the table to prevent table deflection when a workpiece is placed on it.
  • X-axis with twin ball screws to move heavy workpieces and restrain table from yawing.
  • Deformation of ball screws is reduced by cooling the motors, support bearings and ball screw nuts, eliminating any heat generation.
  • Servomotors are directly connected to both ends of ball screws. A Zero Gap Drive System prevents the loss of motion accuracy from backlash and minimizes wobble in the machining path.

Other features include a noncontact measurement system, high speed digital processing, HGP3 control and remote monitoring service. A variety of options are also available.

For more information contact:

Nidec Machine Tool America

46992 Liberty Drive

Wixom, MI 48393


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