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Catalog Features Range of Lifters

The Caldwell Group, manufacturer of below-the-hook and material handling equipment, has gathered details and specifications about its most popular general lifters for the 116-page 2023 BTH General Lifters catalog, which includes lifting and spreader beams; C-hooks and coil lifters; tongs and grabs; rotating crane hooks; and lifters for sheet and pallet applications. It features off-the-shelf equipment and items that can be customized.

Caldwell's portfolio also includes mill-duty or vacuum lifting equipment, forklift attachments and other construction-specific tooling, which will be covered more widely in subsequent publications.

The catalog features product illustrations and in-use images, as well as QR codes for links to how-to information and YouTube videos.

For more information contact:

The Caldwell Group

4080 Logistics Pkwy.

Rockford, IL 61109


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