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Laser Texturing Solution

GF Machining Solutions offers the AgieCharmilles LASER S 1000 U that provides surface texturing for moldmakers and manufacturers. "The innovative technologies of this all-in-one machine provide advanced capabilities and outstanding speed for cycle time reductions between 30%-50%," said a company spokesperson.

As part of the digital transformation of manufacturing, the LASER S 1000 U provides a fully digital solution to the limitations of conventional and manual surface texturing methods for enhanced quality with no additional machining processes. Especially for industries such as automotive, information and communications technology (ICT), medical and packaging, the machine allows for greater creative freedom and faster time to market, even with difficult-to-realize designs, the company reported.

Shops can switch from the standard 50/100-watt laser to a 30-watt FlexiPulse source that can shorten or lengthen the laser pulse duration. This enables operators to adjust laser instability time to application and material so they can find the ideal quality-to-speed ratio. The advanced laser head provides thermostabilization to keep the beam spot in place throughout operations.

The LASER S 1000 U uses faster scanning to provide higher material removal rates. The excelliSHIFT system features 23.62"/sec (600 mm/sec) mechanical travel and 1,181.1"/sec (30,000 mm/sec) optical travel at the 254 focal length for even further reductions in required machine movement. The new system enables true 3D scans for optimal productivity.

Beyond the hardware level, the LASER S 1000 U includes further innovations in software. "Smartpatch, part of the GF Laser Workstation Software package, analyzes jobs to optimize patching strategy and obtain the highest quality in the shortest time. As a result, the machine can create the latest grain geometries and complex patterns without the errors common with suboptimal patching strategies," said the spokesperson.

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