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Robot Guide Streamlines the Automation Process

Designed to decrease the apprehension and intimidation some manufacturers might face during their initial foray into robotic automation, the new KUKA Robot Guide makes the process fast and easy to apply the right automation to specific application needs. In three steps, users are presented with KUKA robot options based on their industry, application and environment for the most suitable automation match.

Within the guide, users can choose between a variety of industries, including automotive, food and beverage, medical, plastics, electronics and metal industry and almost any application environment.

"KUKA's large family of robots is suited for applications requiring extreme precision and repetitive tasks with fast cycle times as well as for those within large foundry operations," said a company spokesperson.

Application categories include arc and laser welding, machining, measuring and inspection and range from applying/gluing and painting to handling and assembly. Users can also indicate whether the robot will work autonomously in an isolated environment or collaboratively with humans.

From there, customers can select case studies, application videos, white papers, parameters and details of each suggested robot's technical specifications. These include payload, reach, mounting positions and other pertinent features for providing an instant recommendation walk-through without entering a sales consultation.

The KUKA Robot Guide is located on the company's website and can be accessed by selecting the Robot Guide tab from the home page or visiting

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