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Updated Robotic Plasma Cutting System

Prodevco Robotic Solutions, a manufacturer of robotic thermal cutting machinery for steel fabricators, has updated its PCR42 system, the company's most advanced robotic plasma steel cutting robot, to allow for the processing of even larger beams. The standard system can now process beams up to 40" while optional upgrades allow for the processing of up to 48" beams.

"One of the biggest reasons to transition to robotics in steel fabricating is the versatility that each system offers in terms of the different tools and stations that they unify within the single robot," said Homer Sayyad, President, Prodevco Robotic Solutions. "By expanding the beam-size capabilities of our PCR42 model, we are enabling our clients to better automate their businesses and to help them grow to meet the challenges of the growing steel construction market."

The PCR42 combines plasma cutting and torch technology with fully automated robotics and laser measuring systems. "This robot provides best-in-class structural steel cutting that delivers the perfect blend of speed, precision and a complete 7-axis operation. It can cut features onto four face profiles including slots, holes and markings," said a company spokesperson.

The PCR42 is equipped with an advanced laser measuring system and rotary encoder, allowing it to determine material length and deviations resulting in optimal cutting accuracy. The seven rotary axis provides added capability of two zone processing, reducing material indexing.

"We want our customers to be able to reduce costly fitting errors with the added benefit of scribing, layout and markings with our PCR42," said Erwin Terwoord, Senior Director of Business Development at Prodevco. "The easy-to-use interface uses NC1 files with no need for macros or other post-processing and accepts the files directly from 3D detailing software. Our customers have seen up to 50% labor reductions in their projects with the PCR42."

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