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User-Friendly, All-Electric Bar Feeder

LNS Quick Load Servo 105 all-electric automatic bar feeder

The LNS Quick Load Servo 105 automatic bar feeder precisely loads 1/4" to 4-1/8" (6 mm to 105 mm) diameter spindle length bars with overall lengths of 11" to 63" (not to exceed the combined length of the headstock, chuck and actuator). Model 105-L (extra-long pusher) loads bars with diameters of 3/8" to 4-1/8" (9.5 mm to 105 mm).

An advanced touchscreen HMI enables automatic, partial changeovers in 15 seconds or less, and one minute or less for complete changeovers. Additionally, the user-friendly HMI uses QR codes for easy servicing, forecasting tools and a 500-part set-up library. The bar feeder's newly designed main cover lifts upward for easier access.

A 26" (650 mm) heavy duty magazine stages up to 1,430 lbs. of bar stock for long unattended and lights-out production runs. The tray is easily adjustable for specific applications and bar shapes, can be loaded from front or rear to conserve floor space, and has a clear window for viewing remaining material. An optional LIFT magazine enables manual, forklift or crane assisted heavy bar loading at a lower height, while maintaining full Z- or X-axis retraction function and accessibility.

LNS designs, manufactures, sells and supports bar feeders, Turbo chip conveyors, Chipblaster high pressure coolant systems, oil/coolant mist collectors and work support devices.

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