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Expanded Extrusion Stretch Forming Line

Beckwood Press Company has expanded its stretch forming line to include standard extrusion stretch forming machines. In addition to its custom extrusion and sheet stretch forming presses, Triform now offers seven standard extrusion models that are commonly used to replace existing Hufford machines.

With models ranging from 5 to 75 tons, jaw sizes from 4" to 8" and max. distances up to 270", this line provides an array of choices for parts of all sizes. "Designed specifically for users of Hufford stretch-wrap machines to use their existing form dies, this line capitalizes on the modern, programmable technology inherent in new machinery as well as rapid, readily-available service and support," said a company spokesperson.

All Triform extrusion stretch forming machines offer synced or independent arm actuation with a closed-loop control system for precise and accurate tension and angle control during operation. Programmable pressure, positional cycles and recipes help provide complete control and repeatability.

"There are many Huffords still in operation today, but component availability, serviceability and skilled operators are becoming increasingly difficult to find," said Caleb Dixon, Beckwood Sales Manager. "This standard line provides a solution to all of those common challenges and provides an advanced option that our customers know they can rely on to support their operation for many years to come."

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