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High-Resolution Ultraviolet Machine Vision Cameras

SVS-Vistek GmbH has introduced its fxo487 series of ultraviolet cameras with a maximum frame rate of 194 FPS and 8.1MP resolution (2,840 x 2,840).

The fastest model in the series features two CoaXPress-12 interfaces, which allows fast and lossless transfer of the high data volumes generated as well as low trigger latency. In addition to CoaXPress-12 cameras, the series will be rounded out with an 10GigE interface version of the fxo487 that offers an economical, stable alternative with advantages for long data lines up to 100 m.

New applications for UV imaging are emerging as more users integrate UV cameras into production environments such as pharmaceutical packaging, automotive parts, food processing, semiconductor manufacturing, factory automation and electronic leakage detection. For example, the SVS-Vistek fxo487 is suited for detecting pits, polish marks and other defects on wafer surfaces, in the inspection of adhesives and in locating scratches or digs on drivetrain components. It can also be applied in such diverse use cases as high-speed sorting of recycled materials, in fluorescence analysis, plant monitoring and in the examining of jewelry, glass and liquids.

SVS-Vistek fxo487 cameras leverage the Sony IMX487-AAMJ-C CMOS sensor with global shutter and variable charge-integration time. The sensor's UV waveband (200 nm to 400 nm) achieves high sensitivity and low dark current characteristics. Compact dimensions, combined with an operating temperature range up to 60 °C, help in the integration of the camera into space-sensitive applications and machines. In addition, its Industrial TTL-24V I/O interface offers the versatility of SafeTrigger, logic functions, programmable sequencers and timers, RS232 interface and an integrated 4-channel strobe controller.

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