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CNC Routers with New Features

Laguna Tools has introduced a lineup of SmartShop CNC routers with new features and upgrades.

"Designed for ease of use, the SmartShop M focuses on cost effectiveness, performance and value," said a company spokesperson. "With a 6 HP spindle, 8-position tool changer and a multizone vacuum table, you get all the features of a higher level production machine at an economical price."

The SmartShop 2 Pro has been the workhorse of the Laguna line of CNC machines. "Designed to cut everything from wood to nonferrous metals, the SmartShop 2 Pro is dependable and built to last," said the spokesperson. Constructed with an all steel frame and featuring helical rack and pinion, it offers high precision.

The SmartShop 2 Elite is designed for high production sheet processing operations. "Combining a heavy all steel frame, FANUC controls and servos running on helical rack and pinion, this machine gives you the confidence to handle the highest production loads with ease while ensuring accuracy and cut quality," said the spokesperson.

The SmartShop 3 Excel offers the highest cutting power and flexibility. "Designed for those customers needing maximum daily output and continuous operation, the Excel delivers increased performance and accuracy. Utilizing industry leading FANUC controls, 1,500 watt FANUC servos combined with a heavy all welded steel frame promotes faster feed rates, deeper cuts, better edge quality and higher performance," said the spokesperson.

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