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Right-Angle Grinder Wheels

Weldcote's line of right-angle grinder wheels are contaminant-free of iron, sulfur and chlorine and offer excellent cutting speeds per cut, the company reported.

Weldcote, a division of Zika Group, offers a line of right-angle grinder wheels that are designed to increase overall grinding efficiency. Engineered for precise and quick grinding on high-quality steel, these Japanese-designed, Thailand-manufactured grinding wheels are contaminant-free of iron, sulfur and chlorine.

Weldcote's right-angle grinder wheels are available in INOX-PRIME PLUS and Zirconia PRIME. "Made with unique manufacturing including high-end grains, these right-angle grinder wheels range in sizes from 4-1/2- to 7-inch in Type 27," said a company spokesperson.

"These high-quality, Japanese-designed right-angle wheels offer less vibration, cooler grinding and provide outstanding performance," said Joe O'Mera, CEO of Weldcote. "Because the grinder wheels are contaminant-free, they are perfect to use in aeronautical, nuclear and food industries."

"Offering less vibration and cooler grinding with increased grinding efficiency, Weldcote right-angle grinder wheels are easy to work with for extended periods of time," said the spokesperson. Other features include:

  • INOX-PRIME PLUS are available in 1/8" notch and 1/4" grinding versions and feature a high-end blend of premium aluminum oxide and white aluminum oxide for enhanced performance.
  • Zirconia PRIME features a high-performance zirconia grain with a soft bond for greater product removal.

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