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Automated Downtime Insights

Datanomix, maker of the Automated Production Intelligence software platform, offers . "This capability furthers the company's mission to deliver the next generation of production monitoring and expands its lead as the industry's only hands-free production monitoring platform," said a company spokesperson.

The Datanomix platform automates the collection and analysis of manufacturing data and provides deep insights in production performance in real time and over time. "Designed for growth-oriented precision manufacturers, the Datanomix platform delivers industry-leading innovation of manufacturing productivity with no operator input required, and without burdening the end user with cumbersome analysis or data crunching," said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson continued, "Many first-generation monitoring systems require operators to enter reason codes when a machine has gone down, an approach that has resulted in the broad failure of many monitoring projects. The combination of labor shortage challenges, operator apathy towards manual data entry and the general lack of utility of downtime reason codes has caused widespread industry frustration."

Using advanced analytics techniques, Datanomix can automatically determine expected and unexpected downtime events and derive reasons for those downtime events during live production. While the Datanomix platform has never required operator input or downtime reason codes to provide valuable insights, this functionality offers additional process improvement opportunities for companies that need to increase performance in the current labor-constrained and demand-heavy environment.

" are yet another significant feature that is the direct result of deep customer collaboration, an approach that has been core to our identity since day one," said Greg McHale, Co-Founder and CTO of Datanomix. "Automatically determining expected vs. unexpected downtimes and annotating those with reasons that are derived from the machine data inside of the Datanomix platform is a major accomplishment for our team and provides a clear target for our customers on not just which processes to improve, but which steps in those processes provide the greatest opportunities for consistency and margin improvement."

Simply visualized and annotated within the Datanomix platform, offer a clear picture real-time and over-time as to the sources of variance within critical processes. Existing Datanomix customers receive this capability via routine updates the company provides as part of its subscription service.

The Datanomix platform offers the following benefits:

  • Data is pulled directly from machine controllers to deliver contextual insights automatically
  • Automated job performance data for every single part made on every machine, with no configuration-just insights based on derived benchmarks
  • Visualizes existing workflows so production meetings, continuous improvement, margin opportunities and more match the way manufacturers work
  • From day one, standard reports and dashboards provide actual insights and direction-not raw data that still needs processing
  • Work with top partners to provide solutions to real problems-not just simple data connections that may offer value
  • Consistent, accurate metrics provide a common data language for the entire team
  • Datanomix reports and trend charts show work cell improvement over time.

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