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Move Factory Floor Data to Cloud Application Services

Real Time Automation has released the Message Queueing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol on its 460 industrial gateway line. MQTT is a flexible protocol that connects IT and OT systems by moving data across the factory floor and into cloud applications.

"With an MQTT protocol gateway, it is easier than ever before to move industrial device data to cloud applications like AWS IoT Core, IT or enterprise systems," said a company spokesperson. "The 460 MQTT gateway is the tool that makes the communication with cloud applications accessible. From there, manufacturers can configure their industrial device data to schedule predictive maintenance, monitor system health as well as measure and analyze OEE."

Like with all RTA gateways, the MQTT family of gateways are customizable, allowing manufacturers to pick:

  • Single tags
  • User-defined tags (for Allen-Bradley PLCs)
  • Data space blocks (for Siemens PLCs)
  • Other data using any one of the many protocol drivers in the RTA protocol suite.

Some of the advantages of using MQTT on the factory floor include its one-to-many publish/subscribe architecture, a lightweight code footprint, optional TLS security and small data packets, the company reported.

"With a 460 MQTT gateway, it has the same easy, browser-based configuration as our other 460 gateways. Plus, you will get our standard five-year warranty and access to our industry-leading support team. It is a no-brainer for people looking to get factory floor data into the cloud," said John S. Rinaldi, founder and CEO of Real Time Automation.

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