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Automated Monitoring and Control System

Nanotronics has introduced its AIPC platform. Nanotronics' nControl solution brings AI technology to the factory floor. The automated monitoring and control system is designed to increase output, improve quality, prevent process failures and block malicious attacks by taking in raw sensor data across production processes to rapidly alert operators of anomalies, diagnose problems and suggest process improvements.

nControl integrates the AIPC software solution with its DLC edge computing for manufacturing. Aggregating real-time data about a manufacturing process, Nanotronics uses deep learning to build models that provide KPI predictions, anomalous activity alerts and autonomous control so the factory automatically adapts to increase yields.

"We are thrilled to officially introduce AIPC to industry at a time when manufacturers are seeking to implement economically efficient supply chains," said Matthew Putman, CEO of Nanotronics. "AIPC brings a full factory solution to increase output and improve quality with far less waste to help scale technology and keep your systems safe."

"AIPC can catch subtle anomalies that traditional process control would miss, and it can enable the facility to operate closer to its performance envelope without sacrificing quality or safety," said a spokesperson. "Implementing AIPC allows operators to quickly identify anomalies, diagnose problems and suggest improvements across each step of customers' assembly processes. By introducing AIPC to factories across the globe, Nanotronics hopes to bring the Fourth Industrial Revolution into clearer view, defining the future before it arrives."

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