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Four-Way Fork Box Pallet Dispenser

Huron Technology Corp. offers its 4-Way Fork Box Pallet Dispenser (FBDA). It offers a small footprint with a modular pallet dispenser or stacker, requires less supply air and can be modified to meet a variety of requirements.

"Standard dispensers rely on heavy-duty pneumatic cylinders to lift stacks of pallets," said a company spokesperson. "This requires a great deal of air supply and limits the flexibility of the dispenser because lifting positions are fixed with air cylinders. The standard FBDA uses pneumatically actuated forks to hold the pallet or stack while a hydraulic scissor lift does the heavy lifting. This not only lowers air supply requirements when compared to typical pallet dispenser models, but the scissor lift also allows virtually unlimited positioning for any size pallet. No air supply? No problem. The fork actuation and scissor lift can be made to use electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation depending on the needs or limitations of the site."

The FBDA offers a standard 15 pallet capacity magazine, and an extension is available to increase capacity to 20 pallets. By storing pallets in the dispenser, companies recover an average of 13.33 sq. ft. of floor space per short stack.

The FBD4 allows for the replacement of individual components if they should get damaged or fail over time, instead of replacing the entire unit.

Solid steel sidewalls on the magazine prevent any broken or nonconforming pallets from causing snags or misalignment during operation. The integrated two-strand chain conveyor allows for simple maintenance and longevity, without having to design around the complex lifting mechanisms or unique shapes of dispensers without a conveyance system.

Huron Technology Corp. offers two standard options for controls: a basic controls package that includes all necessary sensors for operation with no PLC or programming included, and a full controls package with PLC and programming to a standard operation procedure ready to be used immediately upon installation. These options allow integrators to program the dispenser or directly drop in the system as is.

Each FBD4 is fully configurable at time of quote to include any customer purchased component specifications, paint colors and conveyor heights.

For more information contact:

Huron Technology Corp.

P.O. Box 1002

Alpena, MI 49707


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