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Metal Cleaning and Flash Corrosion Protection

When cleaning or degreasing metals, it is important to choose a cleaning fluid that guards against flash rust. It is also important to consider the method of cleaning, since high pressure and high agitation can create a foaming mess. To address both concerns, Cortec Corporation offers VpCI-418 LM, a nonfoaming alkaline cleaner with flash rust protection.

Preventing Flash Rust on Freshly Cleaned Metal

Metals are especially susceptible to flash corrosion after cleaning, which is why Cortec has developed VpCI-41x series cleaners/degreasers that contain flash rust inhibitors. These corrosion inhibitors are suited for protecting metals that cannot be immediately coated. Other common uses include dual cleaning/corrosion protection of the following:

  • Machinery, engine blocks or forgings coated with grease or oil deposits
  • Plate, sheet metal and metal castings covered with oily films prior to painting or pickling
  • Metal parts contaminated with stamping, drawing or buffing compounds
  • Metal structures.

Overcoming Foam Problems in Parts Washers

When cleaning the items mentioned above, foam is usually associated with a better cleaning experience. That changes with parts washers, where high agitation creates excess foam that could overflow out of the machine and onto the floor. Pressure washing and power washing can have similar problems. VpCI-418 LM is good for both applications because it is non-foaming and performs best with mechanical action. VpCI-418 LM can be used on a variety of metals (carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, galvanized steel, brass [30% Zn], copper) and may be used at different dosages for light, medium or heavy-duty cleaning.

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