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Boost Copy Milling Productivity

Tungaloy has introduced the enhanced FixRMill round insert "button cutter" line that offers enhanced performance while providing tool reliability in copy milling of curved surfaces of stainless steel and difficult materials in 5-axis machining, the company reported.

FixRMill uses round inserts for machining dies and molds, especially complex male-female main parts such as cavities and projections. The round inserts feature anti-rotation notches on the insert clearance side and matching locations on the pocket seats. These notches not only prevent the insert from rotating under heavy load, but also help the operator to get a true, distinct index every time he/she goes for a new edge, allowing all of the insert to be utilized.

The round inserts are available in size 12 in two geometries: RQMT1204ENC8-MM allows up to eight indexes for 1.4 mm (.055") or smaller DOC and up to four indexes when used at 6.0 mm (.236") DOC for more economical per index cost. The RQMT1204ENC6-MM can provide up to six indexes for 2.6 mm (.102") or smaller DOC. The two inserts are interchangeable for the same FixRMill cutter body.

"The MM-style chipbreaker provides the cutting edge with sharpness and robustness, demonstrating exceptional reliability in varying cutting forces typically generated during copy milling operations," said the spokesperson. "Two insert grades are available: versatile AH3135 grade provides excellent cutting performance over a range of material groups and AH8015 showcases superior performance in difficult materials."

This introduction includes four inserts and eight cutter bodies.

For more information contact:

Tungaloy America, Inc.

3726 N Ventura Dr.

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