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Create Custom Safety Plans in Minutes

Powered by iSi Environmental, allows to ease the burden of ever-changing OSHA regulations and help companies stay compliant. It provides a fast, easy way to generate customized safety plans.

"Not every OSHA regulation requires a written plan be developed, but when required it can be a real burden on businesses," said Gary Mason, CEO of iSi Environmental. "Our clients have been asking if there is a way to utilize technology to simplify this compliance process, so that is actually what we did. We created an online tool, which allows companies to create safety plans in minutes."

Through a series of quick questions, generates a personalized plan for users based on their specific needs. An online portal allows for changes and stores all compliance documentation in one place.

For all plans, compliance review services and verification are available from iSi Environmental. "This gives the user access to an experienced professional to double-check the plan to ensure all elements are covered. Additionally, the professional may give suggestions for additional elements to consider based on the user's specific operations, further customizing the plan to meet the user's needs," said a company spokesperson

"As new regulations roll out over time, will offer affordable solutions that help companies gear up quickly to protect workers, keep in compliance and avoid fines," said Mason. "As with the focus of all other iSi services, was built to support companies."

iSi Environmental provides environmental, health and safety consulting for EPA and OSHA regulations, and facilitates support services that help companies with tasks that are not core to their business, such as hazardous and non-hazardous waste management and wastewater treatment plant operation.

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