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Non-Thermal Micro Cutting

The 200 micron jets enable cutting of highly miniaturized parts. Virtually all metals can be cut, and for rare metals the loss of material is low. The erosion process does not affect the material itself and precious metals, for example, can easily be collected and recycled.

The Finecut micro abrasive waterjet system brings the benefits of waterjet technology to the high precision fine detail segment. The Finecut precision machine has a positioning accuracy of +/- 2.5 microns. It can cut minute parts of high complexity with a miniaturized cutting system capable of jet diameters down to 200 microns. It can also be used to cut high precision features into large parts up to 500 mm x 500 mm size using the full work envelope.

"The particle erosion process adapts to the material and cuts complex shapes out of virtually all materials without thermal nor mechanical damage-specifically advantageous for composites and combined/sandwiched materials that are easily cut with the same tool," said a company spokesperson.

Finepart Sweden AB launched the Finecut machine to the market 10 years ago, and customers across Europe currently use the Finecut technology in a wide variety of fields including, prototyping, fine mechanics and tooling, medical device, aerospace, watchmaking, luxury goods, etc.

"The machine has a well proven design and it is often complemented with advanced customized solutions for fixturing and handling," said the spokesperson. "Finepart has a design concept that promises that all new options being developed are made to be retrofittable to the machines previously sold. The idea is to offer Finepart customers the opportunity to continuously develop their capabilities along with the latest Finecut developments."

"Unlike traditional waterjets, the fully encapsulated machine can be placed in any workshop alongside other ultra-precision machines," continued the spokesperson. "The machine is a good complement to wire EDMs. Having the advantage of no recast layers, the ability to do piercing and cutting in one set-up, high cutting speeds, and ability to cut also non-conductive materials are all reasons to consider the Finecut as the next workshop tool to widen the scope of business."

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