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Laser Marking Enables Reliable Traceability of Medical Products

"Direct part marking (DPM) on medical devices ensures continuous traceability from manufacturer to patient and is mandatory for many industries. Flexible vision-based marking systems from FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving are designed to solve the current demands of medical device manufacturers for industrial parts marking," said a FOBA spokesperson.

FOBA's HELP (Holistic Enhanced Laser Process) vision-based marking system verifies parts and marking contents before, during and after marking. "Efficient and nearly error-free production can thus be guaranteed and production costs can be reduced by up to 80%," said the spokesperson.

"Laser marking is most suitable for direct part marking on materials most medical devices are made of, such as titanium and other metals or plastics," continued the spokesperson. "Highly sensitive silicone products can be adequately marked with FOBA UV-lasers or pulsed Ytterbium fiber lasers from the FOBA Y-Series."

FOBA marking systems are designed to provide:

  • Stable marking processes and constant high marking quality
  • Flexibility to accommodate small series and changing products
  • Quick integration into production lines and manufacturing systems
  • Permanent and legible laser marks and code re-verification to support safe product traceability.

"Laser marking appears to be the most reliable technique for medical devices, which require biocompatible and hygienic marks," said the spokesperson. "High marking quality with excellent long term resistance ensures traceability throughout the entire product life cycle. In terms of medical implants, these marks contain data on time and place of production, further processing, attending physicians, time and place of surgery and patient data. All information can be taken directly from the product and transferred further into hospital and other documentation systems."

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