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April 2017

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Fiber Laser with an Air-Cooled Cutting Head

Salvagnini has introduced its L3-30 fiber laser - now available with a 6 kW resonator to complement its 2 kW, 3 kW and 4 kW product lines.

The L3 now comes equipped with an air-cooled cutting head with adjustable optics for cutting both thin and thick materials. Air-cooling is made possible by the addition of a Pelletier plate to the assembly, making nitrogen gas cooling unnecessary. "A new collimator enables easy, fast adjustment for cutting materials of different thicknesses," said a company spokesperson. "The Salvagnini cutting head assembly simplifies laser cutting production, making solid, clean and reliable cuts, with no contaminants to obscure the lens."

As with all Salvagnini machine systems, flexible automation is built into every L3 fiber laser. Salvagnini's TraJust software automatically manages cutting parameters drawing upon a database for each material and thickness to achieve consistent, high quality cuts. Salvagnini technology allows sheets of different materials and thicknesses to be processed - in sequence - without stopping production and with set-ups occuring in masked time.

Salvagnini fiber laser systems can be accessorized with a full range of material handling systems. There is a Salvagnini storage tower to suit every application, including compact LTW and LTWC towers that require no additional floor space. An L3 features automatic loading and automatic skeleton removal. The addition of an MCL provides a pick and place capability so that no "shake and break" activity is necessary.

Salvagnini OPS software enables the fiber lasers to exchange information with a company's ERP software to optimize productivity.

For more information contact:

William Bossard


Salvagnini America, Inc.

27 Bicentennial Ct.

Hamilton, OH 45015


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