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Image Analysis Software

"Olympus has launched its Stream 2.2 image analysis software package designed to offer flexible options that meet all materials science imaging and analysis needs," said a company spokesperson. OLYMPUS Stream 2.2 intuitively combines digital image acquisition, image processing, analysis and evaluation, image archiving, document management and report generation. As a result, Stream software provides all the tools needed for users to easily control, collect, calculate and communicate their work in complete compliance with international and national standards.

This updated software is compatible with Windows 10 and supports MS Office 2016 for creating reports in MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint. This flexibility provides intuitive, customizable, time-efficient report creation. Stream 2.2 also works with all Olympus industrial microscopes and a broad range of Olympus digital cameras, allowing a seamless interface between hardware and software. New features such as the linear ruler allow for measuring at any angle and location on the sample to simplify measurements. New standards like ISO 4967:2013 keep users up-to-date in fields like metallurgy with the latest standards for non-metallic inclusions.

Industrial production and maintenance demands regarding product quality, process assurance and economic profitability are rising steadily. Industrial quality and process assurance programs are based on proven methods, the knowledge and evaluative skills of experts, and strict national and international standards. A digital inspection approach can provide objectivity and reproducibility. "Stream 2.2 utilizes predefined settings and easy adaptations based on specific sample requirements, leading to more precise results due to better data input. This leads to faster workflow and higher precision and accuracy," said the spokesperson.

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