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STEM Platform for Education and Workforce Development

Yaskawa Motoman STEM Education Welding Platform

Yaskawa Motoman STEM Education Robotics Platform II

Yaskawa Motoman STEM Education Students

Yaskawa Motoman offers a STEM Robotics Platform for education, workforce development and industrial robotics certification programs that is designed specifically for classrooms, robotics labs and robotics training centers.

The STEM Robotics Platform features an aluminum extruded cart that is modular and lightweight. Its suite of fully integrated academic tools includes Yaskawa Motoman's web-based curriculum, offline modeling and programming tools and a STEM-aligned activity template. Multiple configurations are available; options include robotic technologies typically encountered in advanced manufacturing environments.

Material handling and welding platforms are available and include robots that are speed-limited for enhanced student safety. The material handling version features a Motoman MHJ robot; the welding version features a Motoman MH5 robot. Both robots are controlled by the compact FS100 controller that requires a standard 110 VAC outlet. Depending on configuration options, various components - such as vision, grippers, etc. - are provided by Yaskawa Motoman Education Consortium (YMEC) members.

Yaskawa Motoman's STEM Robotics Platform can be purchased as a complete modular package. Alternatively, components may be purchased individually to build a custom platform.

"Actively collaborating and listening to our education community and workforce development partners is crucial to providing high schools, community colleges, vocational schools and technical colleges with the best possible solutions, curriculum and tools for teaching industrial robotics," said Bob Graff, Senior Manager for Yaskawa Motoman Education Products. "Yaskawa Motoman's STEM robotics products are vital to schools, industry and ultimately the workforce for students who are pursuing careers in advanced manufacturing."

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