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Flexible Automated Measurement Work Cell

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence announced its new automated measurement work cell, the 360° Flexible Measurement Cell (360° FMC). "Developed by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Integrated Solutions Business Unit, the 360° FMC is the first automated measurement work cell to seamlessly deliver all four pillars of automation in one solution: flexibility, footprint, throughput and performance," said a company spokesperson. The 360° FMC is suited for automotive and aero structure applications, including powertrain and closure panel fabrication to name a few uses for the solution. An informational video can be found at

The 360° FMC solution is built on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) work cell systems integrated with Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence measurement solutions. This synergy of external devices, products, processes and systems packaged in a COTS format makes these work cells easily customizable and quick to install. The 360° FMC solution enhances the manufacturing process by seamlessly delivering actionable information. The power of the 360° Flexible Measurement Cell is that intelligence measurement systems rapidly return operational data to organizations, enabling fabricators to benefit from a truly data-driven manufacturing process.

"The 360° FMC automated measurement solution represents a complete synergy of the core strengths of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, and it is leading the way toward the Smart Factory. As manufacturers advance toward Industry 4.0, intelligent, data-driven solutions like the 360° FMC are making the transition easy," said Jeff Perry, Director of Integrated Solutions, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. "The shop-hardened, innovative COTS systems will serve the needs of forward-thinking customers transitioning to smart production for greater productivity and the compelling cost savings derived from using real-time data."

The 360° FMC is scalable, portable and modular. The solution is offered in three configurations, ready for in line, near line or off line applications and is easily adapted to any production space. Solutions are easily scalable as required by specific part size and measurement tasks. The 360° FMC solution provides an easily adaptable solution for changing manufacturing priorities and production demands. The 360° FMC is easily moved and configured to adjust to evolving manufacturing needs.

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