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Thermwood Signs Agreement with Navy's FRC East

Thermwood Corporation of Dale, IN, has signed a formal Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Fleet Readiness Center (FRC) East located at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC, and part of the Naval Air Systems Command, to conduct a two-year, joint technology development effort centered on Thermwood's emerging large scale additive manufacturing (LSAM) technology.

Thermwood's LSAM machines are large-sized industrial additive manufacturing or three-dimensional printing machines that are available in sizes up to 100 feet long. These systems use a "near-net-shape" approach for making parts in which parts are first 3-D printed at high speed to a size slightly larger than needed and then trimmed to final net size and shape. Thermwood's LSAM machine consolidates printing and machining on the same machine using dual gantries. Dual controls allow print and trim operations to be performed simultaneously, each on different ends of the table.

"We are excited to work with the FRC East and are confident that, working together, we can achieve significant advances and results," said Thermwood Founder, CEO and Chairman Ken Susnjara. "I am confident that this program will benefit us both while further advancing the state-of-the-art."

Thermwood has been in a continuous research and development program developing additive manufacturing equipment and technology, and in September announced a line of large-scale additive manufacturing systems called LSAM. The dual-gantry, high-wall machines are available in sizes from 10 ft. by 10 ft. to 10 ft. up to more than 100 ft. with print capability from 150 to 500 pounds per hour.

For more information contact:

Jason Susnjara,

Vice President of Marketing

Thermwood Corporation

904 Buffaloville Rd.

Dale, IN 47523


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