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3-D Printing Technology Uses Traditional Manufacturing Materials

Collider has launched Programmable Tooling, a new rapid production and manufacturing technology designed for low volume production with a drop-in replacement for plastic casting.

Programmable Tooling is a hybrid process that first prints a hollow shell in photopolymer using continuous DLP lithography. Then, inside the same Collider machine, the shell is injected with traditional plastic casting materials. These two-part materials cure via a chemical process, and then the hollow shell dissolves in hot water. The end result is a production quality part.

"Collider's founder, Graham Bredemeyer, has an extensive history in 3-D printing and manufacturing," said a company spokesperson. "He spent several years consulting for manufacturers and 3-D printing providers and kept hearing the same complaints: customers wanted a dozen or a hundred products, but they did not want to spend thousands of dollars to cut a mold. He imagined a world without tooling costs, and recognized that 3-D printing would be the perfect complement. Thus, Programmable Tooling was born. This technology combines the best parts of plastic casting with the best parts of 3-D printing."

Customers can request material samples and submit parts for printing.

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