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Universal Robots Launches UR Academy - Free E-Learning Modules

Universal Robots (UR) has launched UR Academy, which is comprised of a series of free e-learning modules designed to teach robot programming. It is designed for both novices and those with some experience who would benefit from a brush-up.

The free six e-learning modules make up the basic programming training for UR robots. This includes adding end-effectors, connecting I/Os and setting up safety zones. "The modules are not merely a passive transfer of information, but built to deliver hands-on learning via interactive simulations to maximize user engagement," said a UR spokesperson.

"We are facing a looming skills gap of 2 million unfilled manufacturing jobs in the U.S. by 2020," said UR's CTO Esben Ostergaard. "In order to bridge this gap, we have to raise the robot literacy, enabling automation solutions to be deployed faster and easier. UR Academy, along with the new app store Universal Robots+, are both initiatives that we have launched to address this."

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