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Custom-Built CNC Roundness/Cylindricity Measuring Systems

Mitutoyo has announced the release of the RA-6000CNC, a custom-built CNC roundness/cylindricity measuring system. The RA-6000CNC is designed to measure large-size, heavy, cylindrical workpieces generally associated with automotive, energy, marine and aviation industries.

The main features of the RA-6000CNC include:

  • Designed for large size, heavy workpieces requiring roundness/cylindricity evaluations
  • Highest rotational accuracy 0.05+6H/10000 µm among large-size roundness measuring systems
  • Maximum table loading capacity of 772 lbs. (350 kg)
  • Maximum probing diameter of 34.6" (880 mm)
  • Maximum probing height of 41.3" (1,050 mm)
  • Measuring range, such as diameter and height, is customizable depending on customer requirements.

For more information contact:

Mitutoyo America Corporation

965 Corporate Boulevard

Aurora, IL 60502


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