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Gauging System for Long Cylindrical Shapes

Glebar's P4K profile metrology system is designed for measuring long cylindrical shapes in a long or multiple short-run manufacturing environment. "Capable of scanning geometric profiles accurately at up to 3 inches per second (75 mm/sec), the P4K was designed to eliminate the production bottleneck caused by inspection on the floor," said a company spokesperson. By employing a simple user interface, inspectors can quickly determine product quality on the manufacturing floor, providing quality managers enough analysis data and traceability to comply with stringent quality requirements.

The P4K utilizes high-speed, high-accuracy optical micrometer technology, combined with a linear motor design and a high-speed real-time data acquisition set-up.

"Conventional methods measuring long components to a high degree of precision require high magnification vision systems and precision stages that require a fair amount of programming, and are not suited for the factory floor," said the spokesperson.

Utilizing the P4K, parts are simply clamped in a fixture and scanned using one mouse click. The P4K has the ability of scanning multiple single parts or one long part in one operation. "By pulling the product through a laser gauge using a high precision linear stage, and matching diameter and length readings in real time at a rate of 10,000 readings per second, the P4K is able to produce an astounding data set, where the operator can gather a diameter and length reading every 30 millionths of an inch," said the spokesperson.

Using an optical micrometer with no moving parts provides stable calibration and no deterioration of diameter readings over time. The P4K is designed for long-term operation. Designing a template for inspection is as simple as picking points on a graph. The GO/NO GO result is derived automatically as the system locates transition points on the scan. Reporting, lot control and data aggregation for SPC analysis are standard features.

The P4K can scan all parts in a cycle (all stations) and feed back diameter, including taper and radii, to automatically correct wheel dress shape (patent pending) for the complete profile geometry.

P4K features include:

  • Simple and easy-to-use software
  • Results are presented to operators as a clear GO/NO GO
  • Fast scanning - even minute defects are clearly visible and measurable
  • Templates can be specified as easily as length/diameter, nominal and tolerance
  • Measurement is automatic, free of any operation influence
  • Point-to-point dimensioning by simply clicking on the part features, with unlimited zooming
  • Software includes powerful tools, multiple filter types and customizable macros
  • Mounted on precision lapped granite for a qualified and thermally stable surface
  • Ability to set warning tolerances to alert operator before a part goes out of tolerance
  • All data, including template, result and raw scan information are stored for easy product traceability. Result data can easily be imported into Excel, Minitab or SPC programs for further analysis
  • Three levels of password protection, customizable to a fine level of granularity, prevent unauthorized access to the system.
  • Supports multiple languages: English, French, German and more languages possible
  • Supports any combination of English and Metric units (inch, cm, mm)
  • Size compensation feedback to the CAM.2, GT-9AC and GT-610 CNC
  • SQL version available to centralize data measurements and templates across plants.

Specifications of the P4K are:

  • Ultra smooth linear motor with 0.1 µm (0.000004") resolution glass scale feedback
  • 2,400 diameter readings per second
  • Diameter repeatability: ±0.06 µm (±0.000002")
  • Diameter accuracy: ±0.05 µm accuracy (±0.00002")
  • Diameter resolution: 0.01 µm (0.0000004")
  • 40" (1 m) of measurement travel in a single scan (2 m available)
  • High-speed, hard, real-time data acquisition better than 10 kHz.

For more information contact:

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