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Hydraulic Expansion Technology

The SCHUNK TENDOturn utilizes a sealed hydraulic system that is designed to provide fast and accurate tool changes on lathes and milling centers. There are two versions of the TENDOturn: DSE and DKE. The DSE is made for live tooling and the DKE is for fixed tooling.

Key features of the TENDOturn include versatile clamping range by using intermediate sleeves, run-out and repeat accuracy of <0.003 mm and ease of use. TENDOturn also has vibration damping for improved surface finish. "Micro-blowouts on the cutting edge of the tool are prevented, spindle performance is enhanced and tool service life is increased," said a company spokesperson.

The SCHUNK TENDOturn can be used on turn/mill centers, mill/turn centers, CNC rotary transfer centers and driven toolholders for drilling, reaming, milling, turning and tapping.

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