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Larger Insert Sizes Added for Square Shoulder, Helical Milling Cutters

By adding larger insert sizes to its popular T4-12 line of square shoulder and helical milling cutters, Seco allows parts manufacturers to achieve increased depths of cut and higher metal removal rates when roughing and semi-finishing steel, cast iron and other workpiece materials.

"These larger-sized inserts all come with four curved cutting edges that lower the tooling cost per part and helps to ensure smooth machining operations," said a company spokesperson. These inserts tangentially mount in their cutter bodies for increased performance stability and easier access to their mounting screws. This type of mounting directs the cutting forces to the thickest part of the inserts, which contributes to a higher metal removal rate.

Cutter diameters for the larger T4-12 square shoulder inserts range from 1" to 5" (25 mm to 125 mm), with corner radii up to 0.125" (3.1 mm). The inserts also come in a selection of grades and geometries. Normal and close pitch versions contribute to successful slotting/contouring and optimized contouring operations, respectively. Internal coolant channels within the cutters further maximize insert performance. Available mounting systems for T4-12 square shoulder cutters consist of various shank and arbor-style cutters.

Cutter diameters for the larger T4-12 helical inserts range from 2" to 4" (50 mm to 100 mm), with corner radii up to 0.125" (3.1 mm). The inserts also come in a selection of grades and geometries, including high positive rakes. Normal pitch cutters perform slotting and contouring operations, while close pitch versions only handle contouring, with a 30% radial width-of-cut capability in full axial depth-of-cut situations. Mounting systems for these cutters include Arbor, Weldon and Seco Weldon.

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