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Multi-Pocket Selectable Toolholder

The Spin-Select multi-pocket selectable toolholder from Modern Industries, Inc. was created to increase lathe productivity and consistency by decreasing downtime associated with tool and insert set-ups and changeovers.

SpinSelect's patented design allows for quick indexing between its five pockets with a simple one-quarter turn of a socket head cap screw. Each pocket can house a different tool, allowing for quick changes between operations without having to requalify the tools. "It excels at cutting harder materials," said a company spokesperson. "The pockets are 30% stronger than traditional shank tools, allowing more rigid tools to be loaded."

Designed for use on most lathes having a turret or tool post, SpinSelect is designed to provide better throughput on machining tasks such as heavy roughing, hard material removal and short runs. "Machining operators have seen up to an 85% savings on changeover/set-up times because SpinSelect creates a nearly continuous run time with offline insert changing/reloading," said the spokesperson.

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