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Solid Carbide Tooling with Speed Drill R4 Geometry

MK Tools' solid carbide round tools from Monaghan Tooling Group feature Speed-Drill R4 geometry, which is designed to provide enhanced cutting speeds and tool life in gray cast iron, ductile iron and forged steel - all popular materials in automotive engine and chassis components.

With a corner radius design that is tangential to the drill point but non-tangential to the diameter, these designs address challenging high production drilling applications. Tooling options include standard drill and end mill programs for all material groups, as well as special tools including step drills, core drills, reamers, tapered drills, tapered reamers and combination tools (drilling/milling).

Monaghan and MK Tools together offer solutions from single tool drilling operations to complete project management for all solid carbide tools. "Accuracy and precision are ensured through innovative design, modern CNC grinding equipment and a rigorous ISO 9001 quality system," said a spokesperson.

Monaghan sales and application engineers can assist with tool selection and design support on the best geometry, newest carbide grades and advanced coatings to suit specific application requirements.

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