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Expansion in Indexable Insert Reaming

The KOMET REAMAX TS Duo indexable insert reaming system is available in diameters from 42 to 70 mm.

In addition to the versatile KOMET Fullmax universal reamer, what are known as "Champions" are now also available, and these are specially matched to particular materials.

"Indexable insert technology has revolutionized reaming with multiple cutting edge reamers and has set new standards for precision and functionality," said a company spokesperson. KOMET has introduced the KOMET REAMAX TS Duo to extend the range of these tools to diameters ranging from 42 to 70 mm. The range of solid carbide reaming tools has also been extended: the KOMET Fullmax "Champions" with the designations P, S, M, K, N and H are adapted to specific materials and offer an increase in performance compared to the universal reamer.

With the Duomax cutting ring, KOMET has provided a modular indexable insert tool system with multiple cutting edges for reaming basic holes and through-holes, available in diameters ranging from 62 to 110 mm. The Duomax cutting ring, fitted on a holder, can be replaced easily and also offers the advantage that each indexable insert has two usable cutting edges.

KOMET has introduced another indexable insert reaming system in the form of the REAMAX TS Duo. The result is that the Duomax cutting rings can now cover an extended range of diameters from 42 to 70 mm. It uses the interface of the KOMET REAMAX TS, which has been established as a replaceable head system with soldered-on carbide inserts. "As a result of the fast, highly accurate tool head change that can be carried out from the side when the tool is located in the machine, it provides enhanced levels of flexibility and cost-effectiveness," said the spokesperson.

While the conventional KOMET REAMAX TS reaming heads cannot be resharpened, the KOMET REAMAX TS Duo can be re-tipped, as can the Duomax cutting rings. The indexable inserts each offered in the set are the same as for the Duomax cutting rings. They are available in a selection of different cutting materials and coatings such as cermet, DST, TiN, etc.

The KOMET REAMAX TS Duo is available in a fixed and adjustable version. Users can enlarge the diameter using an adjustment screw positioned at the front in order to compensate for very slight levels of wear and adjust the tool precisely to the smallest tolerances from IT4.

KOMET has also introduced a product for solid carbide reaming. In addition to the Fullmax universal reamer, which is available ex stock in the main dimensions and with a tolerance of H7 as well as in dimensions of 1/100 mm, "Champions" are also available. They also bear the ISO designations for the material to be machined, i.e. P for steel, S for special alloys, M for stainless steels, K for cast iron, N for soft metals and H for hardened steels. "They are characterized by a geometry and coating that are both optimized, as a result of which they provide a performance that is up to 30% greater in mass production," said the spokesperson.

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