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Master Magnetics Announces Senior Management Reorganization

Lance Hill

Trisha Lycas

Alex Onda

Master Magnetics, Inc. has announced the promotion of three team members to key positions on the senior management team.

Alex Onda has been named Senior Manager, Operations. Onda has been with Master Magnetics since 2015, managing the primary supply chain functions while upgrading critical processes and influencing software decisions designed to support revenue growth and operational efficiencies. In his newly-elevated position, Onda will continue to lead the purchasing, production, warehouse and quality assurance teams at the corporate headquarters in Castle Rock, CO, as well as at the production and distribution center in Marietta, OH, as he defines the future of operations at the company.

Trisha Lycas has been appointed Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing. Lycas joined Master Magnetics in 2018, focusing on the vision and development of the company's first eCommerce website and the formation of a dedicated eCommerce team and supportive marketing programs. In her new role, Lycas will oversee all the company's sales, marketing and customer service departments, creating cohesive alignment between these key teams and the needs of the business. Lycas will also be responsible for the organization's revenue streams, customer service and marketing programs, providing strategic direction in response to market conditions and organizational goals.

Lance Hill has been named Senior Manager, IT. Hill joined Master Magnetics in 2013, serving as IT manager. Later, his role was expanded to include management of sales operations. He has been instrumental in the deployment and support of the company's technology investments, the realignment of sales teams in support of revenue growth, security protocols and a new hybrid work program. In his new role, Hill will narrow his focus on the acceleration of the deployment of the enhanced ERP system, and update and integrate systems and technologies to improve processes and better serve customers. His IT team will continue to provide the ongoing administration, security and maintenance of technology investments.

"In our 45 years in business, there has never been anything quite like navigating the multifaceted challenges resulting from the pandemic," said Jennifer Brown, Master Magnetics COO. "These organizational moves support the proactive management of supply chain issues and customer support, while we focus on the ever-changing needs of our IT infrastructure and cyber security. Alex Onda, Trisha Lycas and Lance Hill, through their leadership and expertise, have demonstrated that they are the right people to guide us through these challenges and beyond."

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