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Improved Mastercam Certification Program

Mastercam Certification is a rigorous set of knowledge-based and practical tests that demonstrate a programmer's ability to work effectively with CAM software, overcome common issues facing today's shops and produce high quality finished parts. It indicates knowledge and expertise in the widely used CAM software. Certification is an achievement and credential that provides proof of skill sets and can open educational and career advancement opportunities.

"There are many benefits of Mastercam Certification," said a company spokesperson. "Programmers and machinists who complete the Mastercam Certification program carry with them a useful means of quickly proving and validating their Mastercam skills in an increasingly competitive industry. For an employer, by hiring Mastercam Certified employees, you are guaranteed to get the level of experience and expertise you demand."


Currently available are 2D Mill, 3D Mill and Lathe certifications. Successful completion of these exams demonstrates the ability to explain and discuss the workflow for creating toolpaths, understand the workflow of taking a model and creating NC code, articulate the difference between standard and Dynamic toolpaths, and understand the geometry in Mastercam.

There are no eligibility requirements or prerequisites needed to take a Certification exam. Users are encouraged to utilize the training courses on Mastercam University, which contain lessons that cover the topics in the Certification exams. Mastercam Resellers can also be consulted for training options available, or the user's experience as a machinist/programmer may have already given them the skills and knowledge needed to succeed with the exams.

After passing an exam, users will earn a digital credential called a badge. A badge proves a passing grade on an exam, or a series of exams, verifying that their knowledge has been certified by Mastercam.

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