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Boron- and Amine-Free Cooling Lubricant

Zubora 30FD emulsion with 7% and 10% tap water

Zubora 30 FD is the latest boron- and amine-free cooling lubricant from Zeller+Gmelin.

"Compared to conventional boron- and amine-free products based on mineral oil, the finely dispersed Zubora 30 FD offers the following advantages: very good drainage behavior, high machine cleanliness, free of formaldehyde depot substances, minimized release of copper and achieves high surface quality," said a company spokesperson.

The lubricant is particularly suitable for processing sensitive copper and aluminum alloys. It is designed to provide good results for medium- to heavy-duty machining tasks, especially when reaming and threading aluminum materials. High chip removal rates with low tool wear are also possible. Due to special active ingredients, Zubora 30 FD has a good stability. According to the company, the resistance of plastics as well as paints and coatings is guaranteed according to VDI 3035. It is low-foaming in a wide range of water hardness from 4 - 24° dH. The absence of amines prevents the formation of nitrosamines from the ingredients of this product. The product is also dermatologically tested. An epicutaneous test confirms good skin compatibility.

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