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Water-Dilutable Tapping Fluid

JTM Products offers TapRite V Tapping Fluid, a water-dilutable solution designed to replace both solvent- and oil-based fluids without compromising performance. "Its performance makes it an ideal universal tapping fluid, appropriate for any machine shop," said a company spokesperson.

TapRite V's advanced formulation is engineered to provide excellent wetting properties with a strong affinity to metal surfaces, allowing the fluid to quickly migrate to the workpiece/tool interface. Its flowability helps improve handling and simplifies the operator's task by flowing into hard-to-reach crevices during the cut. TapRite V is heat-activated, providing enhanced pressure performance to protect tools and workpieces where the cut generates high heat.

TapRite V is supplied ready to use, is shelf-stable and requires no pre-mixing prior to use. Performance is consistent while mixing is eliminated. TapRite V is compatible with metalworking coolants. If an application presents the potential that the tapping fluid may come into contact with metalworking coolants, TapRite V will emulsify into the coolant without causing complications. Finally, by being water-dilutable, TapRite V can be easily dialed-in to the specific viscosity and concentration requirements of an application. Being water-diluted has an additional benefit: it is easier to rinse from the machined workpiece than solvent or oil-based fluids.

TapRite V is available in 16 oz. bottles, 1 gallon jugs and in 5 gallon pails.

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